Financial Aid for Transfer Students

Financial Aid is an Extremely important part of the Transfer Process. Some students have reported back that they actually paid as much at a Private College as they would of at a SUNY college because of the amount of Financial Aid they received from the Private College. Reminder, however, these scholarships are given to excellent students so keep your grades up!

Steps for the best Financial Aid Package:

  • COMPLETE YOUR FAFSA EARLY (the January before you will transfer) and fill in all of the colleges that you are considering
  • Determine whether you also need to complete a College Profile (some colleges require this in addition to the FAFSA)
  • Ask the colleges you are considering if there is a separate financial aid application for their school
  • Research SCCC's College-based Transfer Scholarship Guide and then ask the colleges about these scholarships.
  • Research SCCC's General Scholarship Guide for Transferring Students and then ask the colleges about these scholarships.
  • Ask the financial aid office of the colleges that you are considering if there are any other scholarships that you are eligible for.
  • Check with your community college financial aid office to determine if they offer any Scholarships for Transfer Students. Apply for all of them
  • Review various Scholarships for Community College Students

  • Go online….register at and for scholarships that might work for you.

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