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Distinguished Alumni Award

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Distinguished Alumni Award

The Association of Boards of Trustees of Community Colleges of the State University of New York, Inc., honors trustees, alumni and others in New York State community colleges through a yearly awards program.

Each year, one Alumni Award is presented to a graduate of a degree or certificate program of a community college of the State University of New York. Nominations are judged on the extent to which the nominee's contributions have improved their community and benefitted the world to make it a better place. Nominations must address accomplishments in professional and/or artistic achievements; volunteerism and community service; participation in public service organizations; involvement in civic functions; or other ways by which the nominee has exhibited the qualities of community and professional leadership, which are emblematic of the mission of the State University of New York.

Only one Alumni Award is given each year and SCCC is extremely proud to have two recent Winners!


1997 Award Winner

Albert P. Jurczynski Albert P. Jurczynski
Class of 1984
A.A.S. degree in Business Administration
Mayor, City of Schenectady

After graduating from Mont Pleasant High School in 1974, Al enlisted in the United States Army. While in the Army, Al attended the prestigious Defense Language Institute in Monterey, California, where he studied the Russian language. From there he was trained at Fort Huachuca, Arizona, as an Army interrogator. Upon completion of his training, he served in a military intelligence company at Fort Hood as an Army interrogator.

After his military service, Al returned home to Schenectady and began his education at Schenectady County Community College, earning an associate's degree in Business Administration. In 1980, he was elected president of the Hamilton Hill Neighborhood Association, a position he held for three years. During that time he also served a one-year term as president of Schenectady United Neighborhoods.

In 1983, Al was elected to the Schenectady City Council. At the time he was elected, he held the distinction of being the youngest councilman in the history of Schenectady. During the next 12 years, Al served as a minority member on the City Council. During that time, he developed a reputation for being a consensus builder.

In 1986, Al purchased DoMore Office Furniture, located in the Mont Pleasant section of Schenectady. The business experience he obtained as a small business owner coupled with his experience as a neighborhood leader and as an elected official set the stage for Al's run for Mayor of Schenectady in the fall of 1995. Al was victorious in the Mayor's race and today serves as the 54th Mayor of the City of Schenectady.

Al Jurczynski made headlines in 1996 when he suggested that the City of Schenectady merge with the County of Schenectady, thereby saving the citizens the cost of duplication and, in effect, abolishing his own job. The reason for this bold step was the continuing decline in the economic base of the City, the decrease in revenues, the duplication of services and the strong likelihood of continuing tax increases. The idea has been given serious consideration by many at the city, county and town levels of government within Schenectady County. Al has been credited for promoting an extraordinary idea with significant potential, despite its unpopularity with certain populations and the difficulties involved in change of such a magnitude.

In addressing the graduates of SCCC's Class of 1996, Al commented, "An associate's degree from Schenectady County Community College is such an outstanding degree that if any of you ever decide to . . . run for elected office, you can run against anybody from any other college with a master's degree and win." It may have been a bit of political humor, but to Al Jurczynski, hometown boy and big believer in Schenectady, it was certainly true.

1995 Award Winner

Michael IacobucciMichael Iacobucci
Class of 1988
A.O.S. degree in Culinary Arts
Class of 1989
Hotel Restaurant Management
Owner, Mike's Pizza Adobe

Michael Iacobucci has been the owner-operator of Mike's Pizza Adobe in Schenectady since 1969. In addition, he has been extremely active in the community. He originated and organized Tuesday in the Park in 1983, a day packed with entertainment and games, culminating with a fireworks display in Schenectady's Central Park. The annual event now attracts over 55,000 participants. It began without government funding and continues to be self-supporting. In fact, proceeds from the event (approximately $7,000 to $12,000 per year) are designated to various organizations, such as the Muscular Dystrophy Association, Hospice, Proctor's Theater, the DARE program, Neighborhood Watch Program and Schenectady Inner City Ministry.

He also launched Schenectady's winter Colonial Festival in 1982. Working with New York State officials, he arranged for incorporation of this event into the broader I Love New York tourism campaign.

In addition, Mike served in various leadership capacities for the Capital District Transportation Authority from 1990 - 1993. He also served as a member of the Schenectady Local Development Corporation from 1987 - 1990, the Schenectady Industrial Development Agency from 1989 - 1990, and the Schenectady City Merchant's Council from 1981 - 1992.

Other activities have included the Alcohol Council of Schenectady County and the OTB Tennis Tournament. He also organized a six-part public service TV program on local access station Channel 11, which aired during the spring of 1995, called What's Cooking Schenectady. The program featured local culinary professors, radio personalities, and others. The food preparation was done by SCCC Culinary Arts students. Currently, he serves as a Schenectady County Legislator and DARE program advisory board member.