Liberal Arts: Humanities and Social Sciences A.A.

Honors Concentration

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Program Description
The Liberal Arts Honors Concentration offers highly motivated students a cohesive learning community and an enriched curriculum that provides a supportive atmosphere for them to engage in rigorous academic inquiry. The Honors curriculum fosters critical thinking, effective communication, appreciation for diversity and engagement in service learning. It thoroughly prepares students to transfer to preeminent baccalaureate institutions.  Highlights include:

  • a cornerstone-to-capstone curriculum;
  • rigorous academic study;
  • honors-dedicated classes;
  • professional, personal and directed advisement;
  • a cohesive learning community, and
  • service-based learning.

It offers a high-quality, low-cost option of advanced study. Students have the opportunity to live in a new state-of the-art student housing building that is adjacent to campus and close to downtown Schenectady.


The SCCC Foundation will cover half-tuition, for up to four semesters, for students who are entering in 2013-2014. Students do not need to apply separately for this substantial savings. When they meet the requirements of the program and are accepted, they will only pay HALF tuition as long as they continue to meet eligibility requirements each semester.


The Liberal Arts Honors Concentration at SCCC provides a learning community and an enriched curriculum in a supportive atmosphere for students to engage in rigorous academic inquiry and effective communication. It emphasizes diversity and interdisciplinary scholarship, promotes integrated learning, and uses an e-portfolio to encourage students to forge connections between theory and practice. By fostering service learning and teamwork, the Honors Concentration advocates civic engagement and nurtures community responsibility.


The Honors Concentration empowers students to achieve academic success at SCCC and prepares them for successful transfer to distinguished baccalaureate programs.

Goals and Objectives of Honors Concentration

The Honors curriculum prepares students to:

think critically by:

  • developing critical thinking that promotes independent and continued learning;
  • writing effective argumentative essays based on research;
  • identifying the methods natural scientists and social scientists use to explore natural and social phenomena;
  • utilizing mathematical reasoning, and
  • synthesizing interdisciplinary based information.

communicate effectively by:

  • demonstrating enhanced oral and written communication skills through appropriate technologies and to a variety of audiences;
  • organizing an academic e-portfolio of analytic work and reflection;
  • developing a professional portfolio preparing them for application to distinguished baccalaureate program, and
  • demonstrating multi-media literacy through the use of computer technology.

appreciate diversity by:

  • analyzing the ways in which race, ethnicity and/or gender are socially constructed;
  • reflecting upon the importance and influence of diversity within and among cultures and societies, and
  • evaluating their own and others’ assumptions, biases and stereotypes when confronting difference

engage in community service and civic responsibility by:

  • researching and evaluating a community need, and
  • applying knowledge and skills in a way that serves others in their communities.

Requirements for Admission

  • A completed Honors Concentration Application (PDF) (separate from and in addition to the application for admission to the College)
  • A 90 cumulative grade point average (Home schooled students should provide evidence of academic achievement and GED recipients should submit a certificate with sub-test scores.)
  • A letter of recommendation from a high school teacher (Home schooled and GED applicants should request an interview by contacting the Honors Coordinator.)
  • An essay written specifically for the honors application

Honors Concentration Retention and Completion Requirements
To continue in the Honors Concentration, students must maintain a 3.0 cumulative grade point average, receive academic advisement from the Honors Coordinator, and adhere to the Student Code of Conduct.
To graduate from the Honors Concentration, students must have a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 and have completed all the curriculum requirements of the program.

For more information, please contact Associate Professor Eileen Abrahams, Honors Coordinator at (518) 381-1403 or Carol DeFries, Dean of Liberal Arts at (518) 381-1392.

"Schenectady County Community College offered a challenging academic environment with supportive staff. The rewarding Honors Program at SCCC prepared me for Cornell University, which I transferred to after completing my associate's degree at SCCC. My choice to attend SCCC and to participate in the rigorous Honors Program allowed for personal and academic growth."

Morgan Valachovic
SCCC Class of 2011
Cornell University Class of 2013