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Sten Isachsen
School of Music
The recording industry has gone digital. Sten Isachsen fills us in on this trend and his keys to success as not only a touring musician and educator, but a well-known Capital Region engineer and producer.
July 2015


Dr. Ben Placek
Division of Mathematics, Science, Technology and Health
Dr. Placek is involved in a new frontier in astronomy called "exoplanet detection" discovering planets that are not in our solar system. He shares his latest discoveries and answers the question, "Is there life out there?" March 2015


Jonathan Beller
Division of Liberal Arts
The arts are an essential part of any community and at SCCC a new Drama concentration, within the Liberal Arts degree program, is attracting a lot of attention. Instructor Jonathan Beller sheds some light on his method, how he seeks to empower his students and the stage as laboratory. Nov. 2014


Kim Otis
School of Hotel, Culinary Arts and Tourism
Gaming is an industry on the rise. Our resident expert describes the College's degree program and shares with us her favorite game (with video).
March 2014


Sheila Foglietta
Division of Business, Criminal Justice and Law
As society changes and grows, so does the law. Sheila Foglietta, Professor in the Division of Business, Criminal Justice and Law and a property lawyer, discusses this "living law" and her legal background and shares her insight into current legal trends. December 2012


Brett Wery
School of Music
Music is a universal language. Professor Brett Wery of the School of Music shares how he teaches this language to students in the College's nationally-accredited music programs and his techniques for composing.
October 2012


Tania Cabrera
Division of Math, Science, Technology and Health
The field of nanoscience keeps getting bigger. Tania Cabrera, Assistant Professor in the Division of Math, Science, Technology and Health, shares her expertise with students in the Nanoscale program. She share her knowledge with us also.
May 2012


Babette Faehmel
Division of Liberal Arts
In honor of Women's History Month in March, we asked Dr. Babette Faehmel, Assistant Professor in the SCCC Division of Liberal Arts, to share her thoughts about women's history and about those who have inspired her academically and personally.
March 2012

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