Academic Advisement FAQs

How do I change my major?
It is very common for students to discover what they’re truly passionate about during their academic career. At times, this may not align with their current program of study, thus resulting in a program (major) change. Students wishing to change their major must obtain an Academic Status Change form from the Registrar’s office. The student will then go to the Academic Advisement center to discuss program options in order to follow their passion and achieve success.   

When can I register for classes?
Registration dates for SCCC students are dependent on enrollment status. New, continuing, reactivating, and non-matriculated students all have specific registration dates. Continuing students have the privilege of registering online before any other student can register. It is crucial that students meet with their academic advisor to discuss course options, ensuring students get the course times and instructors of their preference, and to obtain an advisor pin. Students are responsible for knowing their enrollment status and the corresponding date, which can be found on the academic calendar. (PDF) Students who do not wish to register online need to wait until general registration an obtain an advisor's signature on a registration form.

How do I add/drop a class?
Add/drops can be done online until a few days before the semester begins. Students wishing to add a course, may do so during the first week of the fall and spring semesters by obtaining the add/drop form from the Registrar’s Office.  Students do not need an advisors signature or approval to do so; however, it is recommended that students do meet with their academic advisor to discuss any and all implications this may have on their academic status, enrollment status and time frame for degree completion. After the first week of the semester, students are no longer able to add a course; however, dropping a course is still permitted through the second week of the semester. After these periods end, the student is only able to withdraw from a course.     

Can I withdraw from a class?
Students wishing to withdraw from a class may do so by filing out the withdrawal form located at the Registrar’s Office as well as the Academic Advisement Center. Prior to withdrawing, students should talk to their advisor to discuss any ramifications the withdrawal may have in regards to their program and degree completion. Additionally, students should talk to Financial Aid about any implications in regards to their aid. A student who intends to withdraw from all courses and is unable to complete the process in person may submit a withdrawal request in writing to the Registrar’s Office within the withdrawal period.

I want to keep my class, but take it with a different professor and/or a different time, can I?
Once the Add/Drop period has ended, changes of professor and class times are no longer permitted.

How do I access my degree audit?
Go to Course Scheduling and Registration page.

How can I register for classes if I have not attended in three (3) or more semesters?
Students who have not attended in three or more semesters and were in good standing in the last semester attended may reactivate their status by obtaining a reactivation form from the Registrar’s Office and bringing it to the Advisement Center.

Who is my advisor?
Students may find out who their advisor is by clicking on the Records and Registration tab on the bottom of the home page, logging in and selecting “DegreeWorks Audit and Advisor Assignment."   

What are my responsibilities in an advisement session?
Click here to see Academic Advising Syllabus which includes advisor and student responsibilities and other important information.

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