Academic Performance, Progress and

Readmission Procedures

The academic advisement staff can answer any questions you may have related to Satisfactory Academic Progress:

  • Pursuit of Program
  • GPA requirements
  • Academic Warning
  • Readmission procedures
  • Academic Probation

Advisors can also recommend available on-campus support services including  Learning Center and Writing Lab, Math Lab, Computer and Accounting Lab and tutoring services

Some recommended step to success:

  • Attend your classes, arrive on time and come prepared to participate.
  • Stay organized, set a schedule and manage your time wisely.
  • Take good notes. If you need assistance, visit The Learning Center in Elston Hall, Room 523.
  • Take advantage of campus resources including Tutor Services, The Learning Center, Math Lab and Accounting/CIS Lab.
  • Don’t procrastinate. Finish work early in case something comes up.
  • For every 1 hour of class time allow 2 hours to study and complete assignments.
  • Balance your academics with work, family and a social life.
  • Get involved with campus activities.
  • Register for FYS 100 (First Year Seminar)

For more detailed information see the Student Handbook


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Additional evening hours available during peak registration times. Please arrive one hour before closing.