HELP! I'm Not Sure I'm in the Right

Program for Me!

Selecting a program of study (major) can be a difficult and confusing decision. Maintaining academic motivation may be a struggle for students who are uncertain about their program of study. Please refer to the following resources to help you explore your decision:

  • Read the College Catalog for descriptions of the different programs and courses available.
  • Use electives as a way to explore possible options (Guide to Selecting Electives)
  • Call the Academic Advising Center at 381-1277 and leave a message to speak with an Academic Advisor or a Career Counselor. You can also visit the Student Development Center, Elston Hall, Room 222.
  • Visit the Opportunity Zone in Elston Hall, Room 221-I and work with career coaches and peer mentors from the Career and Employment Services office to assist you in moving your ideas to meaningful actions. Call 836-2807 or 381-1365, visit their website at or just stop by.
  • Call Student Activities at 381-1335 to find out about clubs, organizations and other activities available on campus. Focus on those activities that are related to your areas of interest.
  • Talk to other students who are majoring in programs you are considering.
  • Talk to department deans and faculty members in all areas you are considering.
  • Talk to people currently employed in an area in which you are interested.
  • Meet with your advisor frequently to discuss your thoughts and ask additional questions.
  • Academic Status Change forms may also be obtained from the Registrar’s Office once the decision is made to change a program or add on a secondary program. The student will then go to the Advisement Center to discuss the change and obtain the necessary signature.

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