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At SCCC, our career counselors believe that finding a career path that you truly enjoy is a key to personal satisfaction. We also know that deciding on a career path or changing career directions is often difficult !!  We can help you with these decisions!! Visit Student Affairs in Elston 222 or call 381-1365 and a Career Counselor will assist you in discovering your unique career plan!!

    Career Planning is a 4 step process including:

  • assessment or evaluation of your interests, values and personality (Who Am I?)
  • researching career through print and computer information
  • researching careers through shadowing, informational interviews, internships and volunteer work (Reality Testing)
  • planning you next step of further education or a job search

    The Career Counselors can guide you with this process!!

    We use such resources as:
  • DISCOVER & FOCUS2 - computerized programs that help you to assess your interests, values and skills and their relationship to learning and career paths
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator - an assessment which identifies personality type and it's relationship to personal interactions and career exploration
  • StrengthsQuest - identifies your top 5 talents that may be key to future life and career success
  • Informational interviewing and shadowing of alumni and organizational representatives in fields related to your career interests.
  • Transfer counseling to help you determine where you will complete your education
  • Career & Employment Services to gain access to your On-line Career Management System called EASE

    Assessment links:

    Information Links:

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