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Schenectady County Community College

Initial Results of a 2000 piece mailing

172 returned due to change of address/no forwarding address.

226 responded by 8/6/99. Their responses to the following questions:

Have you used the SCCC Job Placement Office in the past 4 years?

    • 134 said YES
    • 82 said NO
    • 10 did not mark either one
Were you satisfied with the way our office staff handled your request?
    • 111 were satisfied
    • 101 did not answer the question (72 indicated not using the service)
    • 14 were NOT satisfied
How would you compare our services to other college career/employment offices?
    • 8 said Excellent
    • 33 said Above Average
    • 47 said Average
    • 5 said Below Average
    • 127 did not answer the question
50% indicated they wanted to be involved with as least one of the following:
    • Recruitment of Part-time Students
    • Classroom Presentations
    • Workforce 2000
    • On-campus Interviews
    • Technology Night for the Technologies
    • Hospitality & Business Recruitment Day
Have you interviewed SCCC Students?         Have you hired SCCC Students?
YES/105                                                            YES/84
NO/116                                                             NO/35
?/5                                                                     ?/13

How would you rate our studentsí self-presentation and interpersonal skills during the hiring process?

Very Good/22
Below Avg./5

How would you rate their ability to perform the jobs for which they were hired?

Very Prepared/34
Somewhat Prepared/51
Under Prepared/3
Not Prepared/2

Some issues needing to be addressed:

    Employer Follow up
    Number of employers who did not know that they used our services in the past


Related Statistics Reported in HR Related Trade Journals

Organizations that do formal evaluations of their recruiting practices said that the top five measures of recruiting effectiveness are:

72% Time to fill a position

63% Retention rates

63% Turnover rates

54% Cost-per-hire

50% Number of applicants generated