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SCCC On-Campus Employment

To check for (Non-Student) professional, administrative and support staff positions with the College, go to the Personnel Office Webpage.


Students who work on-campus provide an important service to both the College and the students who attend.  From office support to laboratory set-up, dining services to tutoring, and note taking to childcare, students make a huge impact on the services provided by the College.  If you're interested in supporting the services provided on-campus, speak with a representative within the Career & Employment Services Office. Working on-campus is not only convenient, but provides an additional means to developing strong relationships with faculty and staff who will can be an important part of your career development. There are a few ways in which students find opportunities to work on-campus. The best place to start is with a visit to the Career and Employment Services Office in Elston Hall, Room 222. You can also begin the process by registering with SCCC's College Central Network (www.sunysccc.edu/ces) or by contacting our office at 518.381.1365.



Most students who work on-campus are those who indicated interest in being considered for Federal Work Study (FWS) funding on their financial aid application (FAFSA - page 4). The Financial Aid Office sends the student a Financial Aid award letter indicating if they are eligible to apply for Federal Work Study positions. This eligibility is not a guarantee of employment, due to the fact that hundreds of students receive eligibility while only a limited number of FWS funded positions are available during the semester. Therefore, students who receive their eligibility letter and wish to work are encouraged to apply early to have the best chance to interview and be hired. Work assignments are primarily located in campus offices, the library, classroom laboratories, and at a few local community service agencies.  You may confirm if you have been awarded FWS funds by checking your eligibility on the Web at: www.sunysccc.edu. Go to Finaical Aid and click on Web Access for Finanical Aid. The Financial Aid Office is located in Room 222 Elston Hall and can be reached by calling 518.381.1352.

To gain access to FWS jobs, as well as other employment opportunities throughout the capital region, students must register online with the Career and Employment Services Office using College Central Network. Go to: www.sunysccc.edu/ces and click on the "College Central" logo and register as a student. This will provide you will an account to access jobs, post your resume, and complete an online FWS application to use when applying for FWS or other types of jobs. Once campus staff review your application, they will contact candidates they wish to interview. If you do not receive a call or email two weeks after application, you may wish to contact the offices you're interested in to check the status of their interview process and to understand if you're being considered. Work closely with staff in the Career and Employment Services Office to expand your job search and be prepared to present yourself appropriately during the job search and interview process. NOTE: Students must visit the Career and Employment Services Office (Elston Hall, 222) in person to completed an I-9 form , which proves citizenship. This requires two forms of ID (See approved documents) and must be completed before you begin working.

IMPORTANT NOTICE for those receiving Unemployment Insurance Benefits: The NYS Unemployment Insurance Benefits Division (UIB) considers Federal Work Study (FWS) to be a job and it counts as the student working.  If a student on UIB receives FWS wages they must report it as working and their UIB benefits will be reduced accordingly.  Please contact your UIB representative to ask specific questions regarding any possible changes to your unemployment benefits if you decide to accept FWS employment.

Review Federal Work Study Procedures for Students & Rights and Responsibilities.


Some students are hired through internal office budget lines that are established to hire additional student workers when needed. Due to limited campus funding, this option is usually limited to a small number of departments.  If you're ineligible for FWS funding, make an appointment with someone in the Career & Employment Services office to discuss options related to work on or off campus or visit one of the departments below to inquire about non-FWS student positions.  Career & Employment Services, Room 222 Elston Hall.  518.381.1365


On-campus offices to check for non-FWS opportunities: 



Room 328, Elston Hall / 381-1465 *  Positions: Peer Tutors



Room 222, Elston Hall / 381-1335  *  Positions: Educational Opportunity Program Tutors, Disabled Student Services Note Takers & Readers, Student Services Special Project Support



Elston Hall Commons Area / 381-1330  *  Positions: Food Service Workers



Room 530, Elston Hall / 381-1274  *  Positions: Computer Lab Monitors



Room 308, Elston Hall / 381-1391 *  Positions: Culinary Lab Technicians



Room C305, CST Building / 381-1268  *  Positions: Science Laboratory Workers



Gateway Building (Administered by YWCA), 374-3394 ext. 147  *  Positions: Daycare Teachers / Assistants



Some departments are awarded grants or receive funds to work on special projects. Students have worked on the College's Web site and provided research assistance on special projects.  If you have good communication, research and/or computer skills, inquire about opportunities with the Vice Presidents of Administration, Academic Affairs and Student Affairs that need support.

Department Offices and Faculty/Staff contact information is found on the SCCC Website Tool Bar.


Disclaimer: The office of Career & Employment Services makes no representations or guarantees about positions listed on its website and is not responsible for safety, wages, working conditions or other aspects of employment. It is the student/alumus responsibility for all necessary precautions when interviewing for or accepting positions and he/she is solely responsible for obtaining necessary information concerning the employer. The office of Career & Employment Services abides by the principles set forth by NACE and expects employers who use its services to adhere to EEO guidelines and offer employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, or citizenship unless legally required and provide equal opportunity to veterans of the Vietnam era.  The Career & Employment Services office's website also contains links to other websites as a convenience for its users and is not responsible for the contents of any linked site. Anyone who discovers misuse or abuse of our website is encouraged to report the matter to the Office of Career & Employment Services.