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Electronic Resume Posting

With the advent of the Internet and new technology, job seekers have
greater exposure to employers by placing a resume on-line. Using
electronic resumes can help you perform a more comprehensive job search.
However, this technique should not be used as a replacement for other more
effective job search strategies like networking. Traditional hard copy
resumes will never be replaced by electronic resumes, but more and more
employers are searching for candidates electronically and this trend will
continue to grow in the future. These "e-resumes" can take on several

4 Types of Electronic Resumes

1. E-mail Resumes

The e-mail resume is the most common form of an electronic resume. Write
your resume in your e-mail account, send a copy to yourself and save it for
employers who ask for your resume via e-mail. Note: margins in your e-mail
account will be smaller. This means you may not be able to include ALL of
your information on the screen, and this may help you create a less
cluttered resume.

2. Web/HTML Resumes

After creating your Web resume in hypertext markup language, you can tell
employers to point their browser to your Web address to view your resume.

3. Scannable Resumes

An employer takes your hard copy resume and scans it into a database, and
then conducts a keyword search to select qualified candidates for available
positions. GE currently has 35,000 resumes in their company resume bank.
The Career Center handout on "Scannable Resumes" shows how to create this
type of a resume.

4. E-form Resumes

Many employers such as Pfizer (www.pfizer.com), Intel (www.intel.com), and
Xerox (www.xerox.com) have electronic forms or "e-forms" (online
applications) where your resume information can be cut and pasted into
boxes. It is then submitted or posted to their electronic resume bank and a
keyword search is conducted to select qualified candidates for specific
positions within the company. You can post to either a clearinghouse site
such as JOBTRAK (www.jobtrak.com) that has a variety of employers searching
for resumes, or an industry specific site such as AccountingJobs
(www.accountingjobs.com). For example, the Capital Region Software Alliance
(for high tech jobs/internships in the Albany area at www.swalliance.org)
has an easy to use e-form.

Internet Resume Posting

The Career Center recommends that you post your resume on some of the
following free and heavily visited sites for the best exposure. Check to
see if the sites are free or fee-based, if confidentiality is available,
and how long they will keep your resume on-line (typically 60-90 days).
Meeting with a Career or Job Placement Counselor can help you use this
newest technology. Call 381-1365 to set up an appointment.

Top 10 Internet Resume Posting Sites

1. JOBTRAK (www.jobtrak.com)

2. CareerPath (www.careerpath.com)

3. On-Line Career Center (www.occ.com)

4. The Monster Board (www.monster.com)

5. Career Mosaic (www.careermosaic.com)

6. America's Job Bank (www.ajb.dni.us/)

7. JobDirect (www.jobdirect.com)

8. JobCenter (www.jobcenter.com)

9. E-Span (www.espan.com)

*10. Riley Guide (http://www.dbm.com/jobguide/)

*The Riley Guide gives an excellent and comprehensive list of free and fee
online resume databases.

Electronic Resume Resources

Byte-able Resumes

Cyberecruiting (http://www.austinknight.com/ )

Electronic Resumes by James C. Gonyea & Wayne M. Gonyea -Hill
Publications, June, 1996

Electronic Resumes for the New Job Market by Peter D. Weddle, Impact

eResumes and Resources (http://www.eresumes.com/)

Preparing the Ideal Scannable Resume by Resumix,

Putting Your Resume on the Web (www.wiu.edu/users/mumbr1/res_clas.htm)

"Resume Blasphemy" (http://www.fool.com/headhunter.htm)

Resumes In Cyberspace by Pat Criscito's (Published by Barrons) also:

The Guide to Internet Job Searching by Margaret Riley, Frances Roehm
andSteve Oserman, VGM Career Horizons.

Web-able Resumes (http://titan.iwu.edu/~ccenter/resume)

World Wide Web Resume Bank

Sample Employers Using Scannable Technology


Aetna, Hartford, CT


Baxter, Deerfield, IL


Charles Schwab


Cigna, Hartford, CT


Dow Chemical

Eastman Kodak, Rochester, NY

Fairfax County Public Schools, Fairfax, VA

Fidelity Investments, Boston, MA

Fleet Bank, Albany, NY

Fletcher Allen Health Care, Burlington, VT

GE Research & Development Center, Schenectady, NY

Hewlett Packard

IDX Systems Corp

Intel, Portland, OR; Santa Clara, CA


Key Bank, Albany, NY





NYS Department of Labor, Rochester, NY

Pfizer, New London, CT

PNC Bank, Philadelphia, PA

Procter and Gamble

Sloan Kettering Cancer Hospital, New York, NY

SmithKline Beecham, Philadelphia, PA

State Farm Insurance

Sun Microsystems

Syracuse City School District, Syracuse, NY

Tyson Foods