Clubs & Organizations

Alliance for Students with Disabilities: To create a network of people who provide support, information and advocacy for individuals with disabilities. Ms. Susanna J. Adams
381-1345    E222
American Culinary Federation: To promote, develop, and carry out the goals, work and program of the American Culinary Federation; to promote the best interests of the culinary profession generally and the interests and welfare of chefs, cooks, and others engaged in the culinary profession. Mr. Robert Payne
381-1216    E510
Aviation Club: To develop the interest in the field of aviation science for students at SCCC. Ms. Barbara Jones
381-1266    C205
A.L.A.N.A.: To promote a common bond for unity, appreciation and respect among all students and all ethnic groups at SCCC. Ms. Angela West-Davis
381-1279    E222
Business and Law Club: To develop competence, build character, prepare for useful citizenship, encourage improvement in scholarship and establish standards for entrance into business occupations with support of the national chapter. Ms. Lisa Carter
381-1279    E222
Mr. Papa Gueye
381-1495    E407
Christian Fellowship Club: To worship God through song, prayer and the study of His word and provide fellowship and spiritual support for other Christians. TBD
Criminal Justice Club: To further the knowledge and understanding of the criminal justice field and to enhance the student’s knowledge pertaining to career development. Mr. Harry Buffardi
381-1445    E512
Mr. Gary Perkins
381-1376    E512
Drama Club: To sponsor trips, locally and in New York City, to provide and arena for both professionals and nonprofessional companies to express their views through the drama media. TBD
Education Club: To use our education and knowledge within the community and to expand our education through community. Ms. Tammy Calhoun
381-1295    G131
Hospitality Club: To embark on education activities to promote self-development as well as exploring career opportunities within the hospitality industry.

Ms. Ingrid O’Connell
381-1451    E235
Mr. John O'Connell
381-1311    E107

Pagan Interfaith Alliance To provide an academic forum and safe space, for Pagans and non-Pagans alike, for the study of Pagan religions, customs and practices, to discuss, compare, and contrast Pagan faiths with other religions and their according customs and practices, and to engage with the world in a way that enhances our knowledge and understanding of Pagan faiths.

Mrs. Laura Welch
Begley Library

The Pride Alliance: To improve and increase awareness, education, self-pride and support for all members of our community through various activities held in a respectful, positive and productive manner. Ms. Kim Scheuerman
381-1259    E202
Mr. Ralf Schauer
381-1288   E331
RESTART Club: To provide support for returning adult students in an online format where advice, information and ideas can be shared. Ms. Dawn Jones
381-1200    E222
Rotaract of Schenectady: Rotaract is the college equivalent of Rotary, on the othe largest service club organizations in the world, made up of 1.2 million people. Rotary and Rotaract provide individuals of all professions and educational majors a place to grow professionally and serve their communities through various projects and activities. Mr. Robert Frederick
381-1368    E222
Rhythms Literary Magazine: Encourage and support creative writing and artistic endeavors of students, faculty and staff and publishes for the community a literary magazine. Mr. Geoffrey Welch
381-1466    E313
Science Club: To promote the sciences and encourage the studies in this field through field trips and experiences outside of classroom activities. Ms. Tania Cabrera
381-1328    CST 200
Slow Food Club: To represent the interests, further studies and personal growth and promote the general welfare of the members. Mr. Rocco G. Verrigni
381-1296    E235
Spanish Club: To band together students in or interested in the study of Hispanic cultures, customs and language while promoting an appreciation for Hispanic cultures, customs and languages while promoting an appreciation for Hispanic culture on campus. Mr. Michael Dzikowski
381-1458    E530
Student Activities Board (SAB): The major activities planning organization on campus. The events that SAB plans are many and varied, and they include cultural, social, education and recreation activities. Mr. Chris Del Vecchio
381-1313    E 222
Students Veterans of Americans: To establish and develop student veteran support systems advocating for students veteran issues at the state and national level. Mr. Harry Buffardi
381-1445    E512
Student Volunteer Organization: To represent the interests, further the social and personal growth, and promote the general welfare of the members of the organization and to create a positive attitude about community service on campus as well as create a placement system that will connect student and faculty volunteers with agencies in need of their help. Ms. Renee Adamany
381-1298    E202
Mr. Mark Seth
381-1385    E307
Technologies Club: To further the knowledge and understanding of the members in the field of technology and electronics while enhancing members experience pertaining to scholastic and career development. Mr. Keion Clinton
381-1215    E512
Tutor Networking Club: To provide training and support for peer tutors and tutees; to plan activities in order to raise money for student scholarships. Mr. Dan McCrea
381-1464    E328C
Ms. Ronalyn Wilson
381-1462    E328C

If you are interested in joining and/or getting more information on a club, please contact the advisor listed. If you have an interest and there isn’t a club for that interest, you can create a club. See your Student Government Associate representative for details.

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Learn more about joining and managing student clubs and groups at SCCC via the The Clubs and Organizations Manual.