Sample College Visit Questions

To download these questions as a PDF that you can print and take with you on your college visit, please click here.

Here are questions that you might want to ask at a campus visit. Look them over ahead of time and decide which ones are important for you to ask. Also think about other questions that you may have; this is just a starting point.

What to Ask During Your Campus Visit

The Classroom Experience
  • What is the institution’s philosophy regarding undergraduate education? How is teaching valued and supported?
  • How do faculty view transfer students? Are they considered an important part of the campus community?
  • Are classes taught by regular faculty or teaching assistants? Are faculty generally available to address students’ questions and concerns?
  • Are all majors available to transfer students? What are the most popular majors for transfer students? Is it difficult for transfer students to switch from one major to another? Does the institution allow students to develop or customize their own majors?
  • Are new majors or programs being developed? Will they be available to transfer students?
  • What kinds of specific academic opportunities are available to undergraduates? For example, could a transfer student study abroad or participate in research alongside faculty?
  • Who is responsible for providing academic advising to transfer students? Is it handled by faculty members or professional academic counselors?
  • Will your institution accept for credit the courses I complete at my community college? What about AP courses or college courses taken in the high school? Where can I find out how courses at my community college apply toward specific majors at your institution?
  • When are most classes scheduled? Does your institution offer evening, weekend and online courses? Can you complete a degree at night or online?
  • What is the average size of a lower-division course? An upper-division course?

The Student Body

  • What is the ratio of first time freshman to transfer students?
  • Do most transfer students come from community colleges or four year institutions?
  • How diverse is your institution in terms of student ethnicity and economic status?
  • What is the faculty to student ratio?
  • Do students make an effort to balance schoolwork with social and extracurricular activities?
  • How long do students take to complete their degrees after they transfer to your institution?
  • What do students do for fun? What do they do in their free time? Between classes? On weekends?
  • Is there a commuter organization? Is there a commuter lounge? How are commuters treated?

Campus Life

  • What types of activities are available for transfer students to ease their transition to the new institution?
  • Are there special clubs or special interest groups for transfer students?
  • Do campus fraternities or sororities pledge transfer students?
  • How safe is the campus? Where can I get a copy of the college’s annual security report?
  • Is there a strong student government on campus? Do transfer students participate in student government?
  • Are there particular social or cultural events that the institution is known for?

Campus Facilities

  • How would you rate the campus library?
  • Are students able to access the stacks directly?
  • Are students allowed to study in the library? If not, does the campus designate specific “quiet areas” for students to study?
  • What are the library hours?


  • What proportion of transfer students live on and off campus?
  • Does the college reserve housing especially for transfer students? If so, what kind of housing is available (e.g. dormitories, suites)? If housing is not reserved, how difficult is it to get into on campus housing?
  • Does the campus have an off-campus housing office?

Activities and Recreational Facilities

  • Does the campus have a student union or other facilities where students congregate?
  • What kinds of recreational facilities are available?
  • Does the campus sponsor intramural sports leagues or other athletically related activities?

Health, Career Counseling, Special Student Services and Other Services

  • Does the institution offer student health insurance? Does the student have to be full time student to be eligible for this insurance? Does the insurance cover a spouse, domestic partner and/or children? What services does the insurance cover? Does the student pay for this health insurance?
  • Is there an office for services to students with disabilities? Is this office adequate for the demand?
  • Does the campus have a career center? How effective are the job placement services? Is there an extra fee for their services?
  • Is there an office for commuter students?
  • Are child care services available? If there is a waiting list, how long is it?
  • Are there tutoring services available on campus? Is it individual or group sessions? Is there a fee for tutoring services? How often can one see a tutor?

For additional transfer information and guidance, contact Student Affairs at Schenectady County Community College by calling (518) 381-1365.

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