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Incoming Students

New Student Orientation

At Orientation, you will see, learn and do everything you will need before the first day of classes!

Complete Orientation participation is required for all new students. Orientation sessions always occur on weekdays because the offices, faculty/staff members, academic advisors and other programs, resources and services required to assist students and family members with their college transition are not available on the weekends.

“Before Orientation I was a little nervous but now I feel right at home with everyone and I can't wait to come back!” – SCCC Student

What will happen during Orientation?

At Orientation, faculty, academic advisors, professional staff and Student College ambassadors are excited to meet and guide you and your group throughout the program. During this time, you will:

  • attend a number of information sessions covering academic requirements, the academic and social environment on campus, and what it takes to be successful at SCCC, both academically and personally
  • receive your student ID card*
  • meet and get to know your classmates
  • apply for a SCCC Parking Pass*

*Depending on the date of which you attend New Student Orientation, you may not be able to complete these steps You will receive notification via your SCCC e-mail when these services are available.

What should I bring to summer Orientation?

Please see our What to Bring page for a list of things needed for Orientation.

Can I bring a friend to Orientation?

Yes, you may bring a friend or family member with you to New Student Orientation.

Is there a Parent Orientation program?

Parents and family may opt to attend a parent orientation that is scheduled concurrently and separately* from the student program. Parent Orientation is held during every student program. You may wish to review the tentative parent orientation program. Please note that parents may also attend the student orientation program however we recommend that parents attend the workshops and programs we have planned for them during the Orientation Session.

What overnight options are available?

Information about staying on or off campus in Schenectady and areas surrounding our campus can be found at our Overnight Options page.

If I am living at College Suites, when can I move in?

Please contact College Suites at Washington Square directly at 518-579-5115 to inquire about the date that you will be allowed to move into your apartment.

What if I can't make it in the summer?

You are strongly urged to attend Orientation in the summer when College staff can focus their attention on new students. Students who attend orientation in the summer are better prepared for a successful start to the school year. They meet with their advisor and become acquainted with the campus, its community and services, faculty, staff and classmates in a relaxed summer environment. However, if it is impossible for you to attend a summer program, you should contact Student Affairs to find out when workshops and information sessions will be offered throughout out semester.



Admissions, Academic Advisement and Counseling, ADA Transition Services, Athletics, Campus Life & Safety, Career & Employment Services, Educational Opportunity Program & Multicultural Affairs, Financial Aid, Liberty Partnerships Programs, Student Activities, Student Government Association, SUNY Career and Counseling Center, Schenectady Smart Scholars Early College High School, and YOU!

* Services available through other departments on-campus.

Clubs and Organizations,   * Learning Center,   * Math Lab,   Non-Traditional Students,   Returning Adult Students,   Off-Campus Housing,   Student Activities,   Student Code of Conduct,   Student Notification,   * Tutor Services,   * TRIO Program

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