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The following clubs on campus provide students a chance to explore opportunities that relate to their program of study. If you have interest in supporting their mission, please contact the faculty advisor directly.

(Some past interactions have included: Company Site Visits, Conference Attendance, Visiting Speakers, Case Study Projects, Competitions, and Mentoring Relationships)

American Culinary Federation / Robert Payne, (518) 381-1216 ~ To promote, develop and carry out the goals, work and program of the American Culinary Federation; to promote the best interests of the culinary profession generally and the interests and welfare of chefs, cooks and others engaged in the culinary profession

Aviation Club / Barbara Jones, (518) 381-1266 ~ For those interested in aviation education and careers.

Business and Law Club / Mathew Farron, (518) 381-1385 / Sheila Fogietta, 381-1265 ~ To develop competence, develop character, prepare for useful citizenship, encourage improvement in scholarship and establish standards for entrance into business occupations with support of the national chapter.

Criminal Justice Club / Richard Hegney, 381-1418 ~ To further the knowledge and understanding of the criminal justice field and to enhance the student’s knowledge pertaining to career development.

Drama Club / Sandra Boynton, (518) 381-1355 ~ To sponsor trips, locally and in New York City, to provide an arena for both professionals and non-professional companies to express their views through the drama media.

Early Childhood Education / Tammy Calhoun, (518) 381-1295 / Debra Ahola, 381-1402 ~ To use our education and knowledge within the community and to expand our education through community.

Hospitality Club / Ingrid O’Connell, (518) 381-1451 ~ To embark on education activities to promote self-development as well as exploring career opportunities within the hospitality industry.

Human Service & Volunteer Organization / Renee Adamany, (518) 381-1298 / Martha Asselin, 381-1336 / Mark Seth, 381-1385 ~ To represent the interests, further the social and personal growth, and promote the general welfare of the members of the organization and to create a positive attitude about community service on campus as well as create a placement system that will connect student and faculty volunteers with agencies in need of their help.

Math & Computer Club / Kathy Tomaino, (518) 381-1413 ~ To prepare students for the NYS Mathematical Association of Two Year Colleges’ math competition and assist with the “SCCC Annual Mathematics Contest” for high school students and encourage students to enjoy mathematics and computers through activities, videos and guest speakers.

RESTART Club / Margaret Ann Williams, (518) 381-1337 / Robyn Posson, 381-1257 ~ To provide support for returning adult students in an online format where advice, information and ideas can be shared.

Science Club / Tania Cabrera, (518) 381-1328 ~ To promote the sciences and encourage the studies in this field through field trips and experiences outside of classroom activities.

Technology Club / Keion Clinton, (518) 381-1215 ~ To further the knowledge and understanding of the members with respect to various technologies while enhancing members experience pertaining to scholastic and career development.