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On-campus Recruiting Policies and EEO Statement

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Manage your organization's reputation with students, alumni and faculty using College Central Network. Be on our "A" list of organizations we refer students and graduates to, and be invited to campus programs and events. Besides being an employer, we want community representatives interacting with our campus community as advisors, mentors and presenters. Register TODAY.

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SCCC Programs Offering Credit-Based Internships and Fieldwork Opportunities

Capital Region Career Consortium

Local organization of public and private college and university career centers focused on professional development and workforce development initiatives. Register to use their online Job and Internship Portal, announce internships, jobs and company job fairs in one e-mail.

Job Fairs and On-Campus Recruitment

Information Tables

The Career and Transfer Services office reserves table space for businesses and colleges that wish to inform students of opportunities./ Note: Tables reserved through the Career and Transfer Services office are NOT for businesses or self employed individuals to sell their product or services.

Representatives promoting Entrepreneurial/Self Employment based opportunities that do not offer guaranteed income AND require people to invest their own money for business start up materials, licensing or training, or monthly management fees MUST highlight these facts in a clearly stated notice on their table. If this information is not displayed in an easy to notice format, our office will supply such a notice for your table. If we find that the business is not following this requirement, we will ask you to leave immediately and will not be able to reserve a table through the Career and Transfer Service for one year.

If your business is in agreement with the policy above, please contact Lynn Trudell in the Career and Transfer Services office at (518) 836-2806 or We ask that you reserve your table 2 weeks in advance in order to process the table request and promote your arrival to students. Last minute requests may not be possible.

If you have questions related to the policy above, please contact Robert Frederick, Director of the Career and Transfer Services Office at Schenectady County Community College, by calling (518) 381-1368 or

Pre-Scheduled Presentations or Interviews

FALL Schedule - September - December

SPRING Schedule - February - April

We will advertise career opportunities to students and faculty and arrange for on-campus information tables, presentations or interviews.

Job Fairs and Special Events Participation

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Company Conversations

Dates are open throughout the academic year. Call (518) 381-1368 for information and to schedule a company sponsored luncheon that offers an informal approach to educating students on career paths, company opportunities and expectations.

Workforce Panels and Professional Presentations

Classroom presentations are scheduled throughout the academic year in collaboration with teaching faculty

Speed Networking

Interview and networking training program for students - received a SUNY Best Practice Award. Call (518) 381-1368 for more information.

Career Fairs

Click on job fair link above or contact Lynn Trudell at (518) 836-2806 or for more information and registration information.

Community Partners Recognition Mixer

Click here to view photos from the last College-Community Partners Reception.

Classroom, Club and Advisory Participation

We would like you to get fully involved with our College in order for students and faculty to be fully aware of industry trends, occupational demands, important skill sets to succeed in today's workforce, and the in's and out's of a efficient job search.If interested in offering your expertise, please contact Robert Frederick for more information - (518) 381-1368.

Classroom Speakers

We keep a listing of professionals willing to speak in the classroom on topics related to specific industries or careers.This list is available for faculty and staff to use when seeking outside commentary on issues their teaching. Presentation time availability may be from 10 minutes to one hour.

Career and Transfer Advisory Committee/Volunteers

If you're interested in sharing your expertise with the Career and Transfer Services office as an advisor or be open to interacting with students who are exploring career paths, please email Robert Frederick, Director of Career and Transfer Services, at for information.

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