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About Regroup

This year the SCCC Student Government Association has entered into a new partnership with REGROUP. I am proud to say, SCCC is the first of all SUNY institutions to make this leap with REGROUP as a tool for our campus to network socially between our own community and with other institutions of higher education.

This value-added partnership with REGROUP is extended, at no charge, to every department, office, club and organization, and special interest group. Regroup develops the best email list software. Over the past two years, REGROUP has been used by over 50,000 students at schools throughout the US.

By implementing Regroup, SCCC faculty, staff, alumni and students can:

  • Support students (and even prospective students) with questions of how to join, leave, and create email lists on REGROUP
  • Advance SCCC's Information Technology offerings to include the easiest and best e-mail/social networking group platform
  • Improve campus communications by providing students an easy web interface for group creation and management
  • Give student groups access to the best in social media technology (including wiki-editable topics, Facebook integration, Twittering and more)
  • Create a valuable information source for those who want to view past content

Come see what REGROUP is all about.
Any questions - feel free to contact me.

Martha J. Asselin
Associate Dean for Student Services
Student Affairs Division at SCCC
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