Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for a non-credit course?
You may register by mail, in person, or by phone during predetermined hours. You can register up until the day before the first class begins, although this increases your chances of being closed out. See the current course listing here.

Do I need a Certificate of Residence to register for a non-credit course?
No. Only students wishing to take a credit-bearing course need a Certificate of Residence to Register.

How will I know if my non-credit course has enough enrollment to run?
You can assume that your course will be running as scheduled, unless you receive a written or voice message that it has been canceled. If it has been canceled, you will be automatically refunded your registration fee. You should receive your refund within two weeks.

Where will my non-credit class be held?
Room assignments for non-credit classes are given when total enrollment is determined. Room numbers will be posted in the Office of Workforce Development in the Kindl Building and at the Security Desk in Elston Hall. All art courses are held at the SCCC Center for the Arts, located at 440 State Street in Schenectady, just two doors down from Proctor's. All music courses are located in the Begley Building on the SCCC Campus.



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