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Myths About College

Myth 1

Syllabus week isn’t when the real work starts.

TRUTH: Syllabus week is incredibly important! Your professors usually take time to review your course syllabi with you during this week. The syllabus is your learning contract for the course. Starting off on the right foot sets the tone for the semester.

Myth 2

Attendance doesn’t matter in online courses.

TRUTH: Although you don’t have to attend in person, there are required discussions for online courses that must be completed in order to satisfy attendance requirements each week. Also, many things happen in class that you will miss if you don’t “attend” (e.g., professors may share observations or announcements; there may be important discussions; special presentations, etc.).

Myth 3

Any time I am not in class is free time.

TRUTH: In order to be successful in a course, it is recommended that you plan for 2 to 3 hours of study per 1 hour of classThe amount of reading and difficulty level increases compared to high school.

Myth 4

I don’t need a study schedule. I have lots of time.

TRUTH: Time can fly by if it is not planned and accounted for.  A schedule can help you manage your time efficiently and effectively.  Success coaches can help you do this.

Myth 5

I don’t understand this class, so there is nothing I can do.

TRUTH: There is always room for growth and resources to help you. The Student Success Center offers workshops and resources to help you discover the strengths that lie within you. You absolutely can do this!

Myth 6

Financial Aid and scholarships are mine and I can’t lose them.

TRUTH: If you perform poorly academically or are not taking enough credits, you can lose your financial aid and/or scholarships. Speak to a financial aid counselor to find out more.