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A method for textbook learning


  • Skim the material for a quick overview
  • Make note of topic and subtopic headings
  • Read the summaries at the beginning and end of the text


  • Instead of reading each paragraph heading, question them.
  • Ex. "Basic Concepts of Reading" vs. "What are the Basic Concepts of Reading?"
  • Creating questions gives purpose for reading


  • Read the text with alertness, looking for answers to your questions
  • Highlight and make note of the answers as you find them
    - As you do this, you are creating a study guide for the the chapter
  • Read one section of a chapter at a time


  • Recall what you have just read without looking at the book or your notes
  • Do this immediately after completing the chapter
  • This forces you to check your understanding


  • Look over your questions, notes, and book
  • Review can be done in small chunks of time such as in between classes
  • You want to review whenever possible