Course Description
CFN974 HR Strategic Persuasion & Inf. (0-0-0)

Strategic persuasion and strategic influencing are major growth areas for many HR professionals who need to improve persuasion skills and better promote, influence or provide education for the services or programs they have to offer. In this program, HR professionals will learn to reframe their paradigms in a way that teaches the application of unique processes for influencing and persuasion. They will learn to deliver the process, resulting in promoting improvements. They will also learn techniques that they can utilize the next time they are faced with a business development or organizational change. In the persuasion module, HR professionals will develop their leadership skills when presenting policies, organizational ethics or any topic that has direct impact on the mission, values or the company's strategic goals and objectives. The influencing module will assist HR professionals to create a unique proposition concept to apply to their endeavors. The HR professionals wil learn the keys to create a marketing plan to promote and convince both company leaders and employees to understand the value of new or changing policies and procedures that can be aggressively implemented such as changes in ownership, restructuring or re-engineering. This module also focuses on critical thinking skills that better facilitate the HR professional to affect measure outcomes for their objectives and will demonstrate developing skills to influence others through modeling and coaching.

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