Spring 2016 Schedule [Management]   Jan 19-May 17
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10576MGT123-01Introduction to Business3MW10:00-11:15amELS234 35035 
10245MGT123-02Introduction to Business3TuTh09:30-10:45amELS239 33033 
10246MGT123-03Introduction to Business3TuTh01:30-02:45pmELS239 33033 
10971MGT123-41Introduction to Business3TuTh03:15-04:50pmELS136 25025 
The above course begins on 02/08/16 and ends on 05/17/16
10116MGT123-71Introduction to Business3  ONLINE  2802836
10732MGT126-01Disney Human Resource Mgt3  OFF-C  10010 
Part of Disney Program on Site in Florida or California
10117MGT127-01Human Resource Mgt3TuTh11:00-12:15pmELS239 33033 
10367MGT127-71Human Resource Mgt3  ONLINE  2802836
10723MGT135-71Internatl Business3  ONLINE  2802836
10724MGT213-71Principles of Management3  ONLINE  2802836
10890MGT215-01Sales and Service3MW02:00-03:15pmELS232 30030 
10891MGT230-01Strategic Management3MW08:30-09:45amELS234 30030 
10545MGT242-51HEntrepreneurship3Tu06:00-07:15pmCCC241 30030 
Hybrid Course- online and classroom participation required.
The above course begins on 12/28/15 and ends on 01/15/16
10921MGT251-01Disney Co-Operative6  OFF-C  10010 
11073MGT251-02Disney Co-Operative6  TBA  303 

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