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Help Available

Librarians are faculty members who have a Master’s degree in Library Science or Information Science.  Librarians specialize in doing research and finding information. Librarians offer assistance in doing research using print and online sources, including the library’s online catalog, subscription databases, e-Book collections, e-Journal collections, the Internet, reference books and more.

Assistance is available in person at the reference desk during library hours , and online 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  Click Ask Us 24/7 [link to chat form] on the library’s web site to connect with a librarian. Students who would like in-depth assistance may make an appointment to meet with a librarian.  Call (381-1239) or stop by the reference desk to set up an appointment. Librarians do not provide tutoring; proofreading services; test proctoring; assistance with FAFSA forms and financial aid questions; or basic computer-use training, such as navigating the desktop, using the mouse or typing.  Librarians can refer users needing help in these areas to SCCC offices where help is available. Librarians cannot offer financial, legal, tax, or medical advice.


Removal of books and other materials from the College library through other than use of the normal checkout procedure is a violation of the Student Code of Conduct and will be reported to campus security (SCCC Student Code, sec. B.12).

Interlibrary loan is available to currently-enrolled students, faculty and staff at SCCC. Begley Library does not interlibrary loan textbooks.

If you have questions about borrowing, call (381-1235) or stop by the library’s circulation desk.

Overdue materials
The library will send an overdue notice as a courtesy, but patrons are responsible for returning materials by the due date whether or not they receive a written notice.
When materials are overdue, further borrowing privileges will be suspended.
When materials are lost or damaged, a replacement cost plus a processing fee will be charged. 
Grades and transcripts will be withheld and registration for future classes will be blocked until the replacement and processing fees are paid.

Computers, Scanners & Printers

Library computers, scanners and printers are designated for academic use by currently enrolled SCCC students.
Library computers, scanners and printers are not available for recreational, commercial or personal business use.
Librarians may offer assistance with the following applications if time allows, but users may need to seek help from the appropriate office outside of the library: ANGEL, e-mail, Microsoft Office applications, SCCC wireless network.
Limited computer access is available to members of the public who are doing academic work; however, currently enrolled SCCC students have priority.  See Library Policies for Guests to Begley Library for more information.
Sexual harassment
Displaying sexually explicit images or objects on computers is prohibited by College policy.  Library users who violate the College’s sexual harassment policy will be asked to leave.
If course-related work requires you to access sexually explicit material, please speak with the Reference Librarian to arrange for alternate viewing arrangements in a non-public area.

Library Etiquette

Please turn your ringer to off or vibrate while in the library, and make or take your calls outside the library.

In order to maintain an atmosphere conducive to academic work, children are only permitted in the library for short visits, such as when an accompanying adult is returning a book.Children are not permitted for longer visits, such as when an accompanying adult is doing research, writing a paper or studying.For their own safety, children may not be left unattended in any area of the College, including the library.  Campus security will be called and parents will be asked to accompany their children off campus under these circumstances. (Child Safety Procedures, Policies and Procedures section of the SCCC Student Handbook.)

FloorPriority is given to groups, not individuals.Individuals may be asked by library staff to yield the space to a group.Reservations are not available.Neither groups nor individuals should plan on availability on demand, on a regular schedule, or for an unlimited time on any day.

Conversations are not permitted in the quiet study room.

Library users who are disruptive to others will be asked to leave.

Only re-closable beverages and small wrapped snacks (energy bars, for example) are allowed on the Library’s 1st and 2nd floors. Please dispose of any trash and recycling properly.


Library computers close 15 minutes before the library closes. Patrons must log off of computers at this time. Patrons who do not comply with this policy will be asked to show ID, and will be reported to campus security. Failure to comply with this policy may also result in loss of computer privelages.