Library Staff

Main Desk: (518) 381-1235

Administrative and Faculty Librarians
Lynne King Director of Library Services 381-1241
David Moore Technical Services/Systems Librarian 381-1238
Carrie Buff Research and Instruction Librarian 381-1251
Public Services, Technical Services and Special Collections Librarians
Nathaniel Arnold Reference Librarian, PT 381-1242
Rebecca Dyehouse Reference Librarian, PT 381-1242
Clare Field Reference Librarian, PT 381-1242
Margaret Lanoue Reference Librarian, PT 381-1242
Tracy Salvage Reference Librarian, PT 381-1242
Laura Welch Reference and Special Collections Librarian, PT 381-1242
Library Staff
Barbara Beverley Info. Proc. Specialist I, PT, Circulation 381-1235
Carol DeIulio Info. Proc. Specialist II, Library Office 381-1240
Don Drewecki Educational Aide, PT 381-1243
Kim Latour Info. Proc. Specialist I, PT 381-1243
Larry Rogers Temp., Circulation 381-1243
Dennis Mott Senior Technical Assistant, Tech. Services 381-1237
Marilyn Van Steenberg Senior Library Clerk, Tech. Services 381-1237
Kristin West Info. Proc. Specialist II, Circulation 381-1235