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The Liberty Partnerships Program is founded on the belief that students will achieve academic success and lead productive lives as adults if they are provided with support, encouragement, information and effective interventions.  This program is designed to offer these opportunities to students who are at-risk of dropping out of school for many reasons, including unsatisfactory academic performance, inconsistent school attendance and/or behavioral problems, among others.

Schenectady County Community College Schenectady City School District area businesses and organizations, have, for over 16 years, been providing these opportunities to students in sixth through twelfth grades at the following schools:

LLP students     LLP students
LLP students

The goals of the program are:
  • To increase the number of at-risk students who successfully complete middle school course work and move intoa high school program.
  • To increase the number of at-risk students who complete high school and are admitted to a post secondary education institution or are gainfully employed.
  • To increase the number of at-risk families who actively participate in the education of their children
  • To increase the number of businesses and agency partnerships as well as generate additional revenue in support of the Program
  • To increase the LPP core staff by at least one full time person to ensure that all students and their families receive outreaches and home visits to help address the root cause of issues and provide appropriate services with stakeholders.
  • To increase follow-ups, contacts and tutoring hours at each site to ensure LPP student achievement of the higher learning standards and satisfactory performance on statewide and local exams.

The Program offers services in the following areas:

Student Development

  • transitional readiness and coping strategies problem solving, critical thinking and listening skills
  • responsible school attendance and participation
  • respect for diversity

Academic Skills Improvement (M-Th, afterschool)

  • homework assistance
  • tutoring in such subjects as Math, English, Science, Social Studies and Foreign Languages
  • computer literacy instruction
  • research, test-taking and study skills instruction

Cultural Enrichment

  • wellness and lifestyle management
  • trips to museums, theaters and other recreational and cultural centers
  • presentations by community leaders


  • academic
  • college and career
  • financial aid
  • personal and family

Support Services

  • awards and recognition
  • values clarification
  • job-readiness and work maturity
  • career planning
  • college visitations
  • student/family outreach and support

For more information or to learn about volunteering/mentoring opportunities, please call 381-1364.  The main LPP office is located in Elston Hall, room 221G.