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Employee Return to Campus Plan

Changes to Mask Requirements (March 4, 2022)

Based upon the recent SUNY, New York State, and CDC guidance on masking in schools, and the current drop in COVID-19 infection rates as indicated in 7-day trended data for Schenectady County and the greater Capital Region, the College is updating its masking requirements.

Effective Friday, March 4, students and employees are no longer required to wear masks and face coverings in classrooms, common areas, and other college locations. Social distancing requirements remain in effect. Individuals who wish to wear a mask or face covering may do so at their own discretion. Unvaccinated individuals are strongly encouraged to wear a mask or face covering.

All individuals who test positive for COVID-19 must continue to report their infection status to the College and follow isolation requirements. Asymptomatic individuals who tested positive for COVID-19, completed five days of isolation, and are returning to campus must continue to wear a well-fitting KN-95 or N-95 face mask for an additional five days post-isolation as per CDC guidance. As a reminder, if you don’t feel well please stay home and monitor your symptoms.

The College pool testing requirements remain in place. Vaccinated individuals continue to be required to pool test monthly and unvaccinated individuals are required to pool test weekly. Campus weekly pool testing and regional 7-day trended data will be reviewed regularly and serve as a barometer should a surge cases occur. 

The College’s plan was reviewed with the Schenectady County Department of Health. In consultation with the Schenectady County Department of Health, if the regional positivity and hospitalization rates increase to a “high” level per CDC guidelines, the campus may re-implement the masking mandate.

Campus/Building Access

All campus points of entry and exit will continue to be in use for students, employees, and visitors. Individuals entering campus buildings will be advised of the health and safety precautions and self-screening through posters at each entrance. Please remember, if you are not feeling well, do not come to campus.

Hand sanitizing stations are located at all points of entry/exit.

Face coverings are provided at campus points of entry to all individuals needing one.


Masks are encouraged in all areas of campus including instructional spaces regardless of a person’s vaccination status, however individuals may wear a mask at their discretion. Unvaccinated individual are strongly encouraged to wear a mask or face covering.

Surgical style masks are provided at campus points of entry to all individuals wanting one. A supply of KN95 masks are also available at the security stations located at the Main entrance and Washington Avenue entrance of Elston Hall, the Center for Science and Technology, the School of Music, and at Center City.


The College pool testing requirements remain in place. All employees, regardless of vaccination status, will be required to complete COVID pool testing. Testing is free of charge and available in Elston Hall, Room 017 (near the Student Commons.)

  • Unvaccinated employees or those who have not disclosed their vaccination status are required to test weekly. If these employees are involved in a COVID incident they may be required to quarantine for 10 days.
  • Vaccinated employees who have disclosed their vaccination status are required to test on a monthly basis. If these employees are involved in a COVID incident, their vaccinated status may allow them to avoid being quarantined. Testing positive may subject the employee to a 5-day quarantine.

If you have not set-up a COVID-19 pool testing account, please go to and register. A User Guide to help you with your registration is available in the upper-right corner of this registration page. Each time you report for testing you should bring your smart phone and your SUNY Schenectady Employee ID. There are laptops available at the testing center if you do not have a smart phone. Please schedule your appointment using the Calendly link for employees.

Quarantine Guidance

If You Were in Close Contact with a COVID+ Individual

  • Not Vaccinated:
    • Quarantine for five days
    • If non-symptomatic, return to work and wear a well-fitting mask (KN95 or N95) for an additional five days.
  • 18 or Older and Vaccinated but Have Not Received a Booster When Eligible:
    • Quarantine for five days
    • If non-symptomatic, return to work and wear a well-fitting mask (KN95 or N95) for an additional five days.
  • Vaccinated and Boosted
    • No quarantine but wear a well-fitting mask (KN95 or N95) for ten days after last exposure
  • Under 18 and vaccinated (no booster)
    • No quarantine but wear a well-fitting mask (KN95 or N95) for ten days after last exposure

Flowchart describing what to do when you come into contact with a person who is positive for COVID-19.

If You Tested Positive for COVID:

  • Moderately to severely immunocompromised
    • Isolate for ten days
  • Not moderately to severely immunocompromised
    • Isolate for five days from test specimen collection or date of symptom onset
      • With symptoms present and not resolving:
        • Remain in isolation until fever free for 24 hours and any other symptoms resolving
      • Asymptomatic or symptoms resolving at the end of day five
        • Return to work if able to wear a well-fitting mask (KN95 or N95)
        • Remain isolated if not able to wear a well-fitting mask (KN95 or N95) for an additional five days.

Flowchart depicting what to do if you test positive for COVID-19.

Isolation Guidance

People with symptoms of COVID 19, including people who are awaiting test results or have not been tested must isolate. People with symptoms should isolate even if they do not know if they have been in close contact with someone with COVID-19.

  • Do not travel during the five-day quarantine period and avoid travel until a full ten-days after the first day of symptoms. If travel on days 6-10 cannot be avoided, wear a well-fitting mask (KN95 or N95)
  • Monitor yourself for symptoms; if you experience an emergency situation, seek medical care immediately
  • Stay in a separate room from other household members
  • Use a separate bathroom, if possible
  • Improve ventilation at home
  • Avoid contact with other members of your household
  • Wear a well-fitting mask when around other people
  • Do not go to places where you are unable to wear a mask until 10 days after testing or exposure to COVID and symptoms have improved.
  • Testing to end isolation is not required.

Updated - New York State COVID-19 Paid Sick Leave

Under legislation signed by former Governor Andrew Cuomo, New York workers are guaranteed job protection and financial compensation while they are on a mandatory or precautionary quarantine order due to COVID-19. To be eligible for this benefit:

  • An employee must be under either a written “mandatory” or “precautionary” order of quarantine issued by the NYS Department of Health, local Board of Health or any government entity authorized to issue such order.

Important FAQs about the program:

    • As a public employer, 14 calendar days of COVID-19 paid sick leave are available to all SUNY Schenectady full- and part-time employees.
    • Employees are eligible if the employer requires an employee to quarantine from work subject to the qualification restrictions listed below.
    • Leave is provided separate from any individual leave accruals or other sick bank programs.
    • Employees who do not show symptoms and are approved to work from home during the quarantine period are not eligible for quarantine leave. Regular pay would be in effect.
    • Employees may qualify for COVID-19 leave for up to three orders of quarantine. The second or third orders of quarantine must be based on a positive COVID-19 test.

If you are subject to a qualifying event for NYS COVID-19 Paid Sick Leave, please contact both your supervisor and human resources for further direction. Your supervisor will work with you and Human Resources to determine if you are able to work from home. Any order of mandatory or precautionary quarantine for you must be sent to the human resources office at

The College does not have a Work from Home policy. Work from home is only an option with a COVID-19 qualifying event. The qualifying event is not extended to an employee’s minor dependents.

Work from Home Option only if you are subject to Quarantine:

    • HR will create a master list of both full-time and part-time employees, identifying each as eligible to work from home or not eligible to work from home. The list will be shared with the respective Vice Presidents for vetting and then forwarded to the College President for review and approval.
    • If an employee tests positive they are to send an email to Human Resources at, including proof of a positive test.
      • Human Resources will let the employee know if they are eligible to work from home.
      • Human Resources will instruct the employee to inform their supervisor of their need to work from home; if possible.
      • Human Resources will inform the employee of how to complete their timesheet for the period of time while in quarantine,
        • If the employee is able to and does work from home, they mark the timesheet as a work day with no other notations.
        • If the employee is not able to work from home, they mark the applicable days as “out’ and indicate “NYS Leave” in the notes section of the timesheet for the day.
        • If an employee has exhausted the NYS COVID Paid Leave, are still out of work due to COVID, and not able to work from home they must charge regular accruals.(

All employees must stay home if not feeling well or exhibiting any COVID-related symptoms. Employees must charge their sick leave accruals for sickness not related to COVID-19.

Please contact human resources for further questions at or 518-381-1218.


Search for a COVID-19 vaccination location.

Faculty and staff are not mandated to be vaccinated or to disclose their vaccination status. All employees are encouraged to get vaccinated, and receive the booster when eligible, and to disclose their vaccination status to the Office of Human Resources. To disclose your vaccination status, the employee is asked to provide Human Resources with a copy of their Vaccination Record or their Excelsior Pass. To do this, employees should email a copy of the document to or bring a copy to the Human Resources Office in Elston Hall, Room 511.

NOTE: All copies received will be kept in a secure file separate from the Personnel Record.

Physical Spaces

It is possible that your work station and office have been reconfigured in adherence with social distancing protocols. Plexiglas shields and other barriers have been installed in critical locations to provide further protection.

A large number of custom graphics have been installed around campus to aid in social distancing, to clearly mark entry and exit points, to limit foot traffic to a single direction in certain corridors, and to give various other directives based on these new protocols.

Work Stations

Employees are responsible for daily disinfecting of all touch surfaces such as computer keyboards, door handles, light switches and desk surfaces.

If you require disinfecting wipes and hand sanitizer for your work station, please send a request to Anthony Schwartz, Director of Facilities at and include your building/room number. 


Employees who refuse to comply with these safety measures will be required to charge vacation or personal leave accruals or be in “leave without pay” status due to their absence from the workplace. The use of sick days for this purpose will not be allowed. Employees who refuse to comply with these safety measures will be subject to disciplinary measures.