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Required Online Training

Overview of Training

The Office of Human Resources at SUNY Schenectady coordinates online training programs for new and current employees. The training courses below are required and must be completed by every employee during your first two weeks of employment, and then every year thereafter. All new employees will receive links to each of the training courses in their email inbox as soon as they are on the College’s payroll. The yearly online training is launched every January.

Employees will receive a weekly email reminder in their email inbox until the trainings are completed. The approximate length and frequency for each training course is provided next to the course description.

As state law, federal law, and/or college policy mandate this training, the College is required to insure that all covered individuals complete it. The College therefore considers this training to be a condition of employment.

If you have questions regarding the online training, please contact the Office of Human Resources at

Active Shooter: Run, Hide, Fight

This online course is designed to familiarize staff with the warning signs that someone may become violent. It will also introduce the concept of run, hide, fight during an active shooter situation. Topics covered include situational awareness, how to assess an emergency situation, and run, hide, fight procedures. Duration: 15 minutes

Child Abuse: Mandatory Reporting

This online course provides background information on the different types of child abuse/child maltreatment. It offers training scenarios for physical abuse, neglect, sexual abuse, and emotional abuse, identifies indicators to assist in abuse and neglect, states the legal responsibilities of reporting and handling disclosures, and uses the Internet, pdf files, and documents to provide specialized reference materials. Duration: 24 minutes

FERPA: Confidentiality of Records

This online course addresses training needs relating to student education records. This course covers important legal terms related to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), the general responsibilities of staff members under FERPA, FERPA's rules regarding confidentiality and disclosure, and the rights of students to access and inspect their own education records kept by the school. Duration: 15 minutes

Hazard Communications – Right to Understand

The goal of this online course is to provide an understanding of hazardous chemicals and their specific dangers, as well as actions you can take to protect yourself and others. Duration: 26 minutes

Sexual Harassment: Staff to Staff for New York

This online course provides staff members with a basic understanding of staff-to-staff sexual harassment as well as strategies to maintain a harassment-free environment in the workplace. Topics covered include defining sexual harassment and sexual harassment in the workplace. Duration: 42 minutes

Title IX and Sexual Misconduct

This online course provides information about Title IX and sexual misconduct in colleges. While this course serves as an overview on the topic, it is important to follow federal and state laws and your educational institution’s policies and procedures. This course covers the definition of sexual misconduct, Title IX regulations, your obligations under Title IX, and effective policies. Duration: 27 minutes

Workplace Violence: Awareness & Prevention (Employee)

The goal of this online course is to provide employees and supervisors with basic information about awareness and prevention of violence in the workplace. The course will review the levels and causes of workplace violence, the early warning signs of violence, and techniques for defusing hostile situations. Duration: 20 minutes