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Meet the Tutors

Below you will find a list of our SUNY Schenectady tutors and the area(s) they specialize in. Most tutors are available without an appointment in the Learning Center, located in the Begley Learning Commons; simply view the Tutor Availability schedules below to find the best time to meet with someone.

1:1 Appointments in-person and online: If you prefer to meet with a tutor at a specific time and want to ensure a spot, you can also make an appointment. Simply log-in using your SUNY Schenectady email and password and search for the class you need a tutor for.

Tutors (online) are also available for other content areas and are often available 24/7!

Booking reoccurring, semester-long appointments at the start of the semester is also highly encouraged and beneficial!

View the Learning Center Tutor Schedules by Content Area to Plan Your Visit

Fall 2023


Meet the Tutors

Subject Tutors
Business: Bryan Florkiewicz (he/him)
  Alexandre Lumbala, he/him (peer tutor)
CIS & Accounting: Bryan Florkiewicz (he/him)
David Grant (he/him)
Patricia (Trish) Haskell (she/her)
Lee Kittle (he/him)
  Alexandre Lumbala, he/him (peer tutor)
Culinary Arts: Stephen Piorkowski (he/him)
Foreign Language: Clancey Blume (ASL) (she/her)
Darcey Farrow (Spanish/French/Italian) (she/her)
Hailey VanNatten (ASL) (she/her)
History: Bryan Florkiewicz (he/him)
Math: Tracy Donovan (she/her)
Victor King (he/him)
Lee Kittle (he/him)
Ram Madani (he/him)
Richard Monda (he/him)
Sharon Rice (she/her)
Paul Rogers (he/him)
Marshall Williams (he/him)

Nellie Cordi, she/her (peer tutor)

  Joan Eason (she/her)
Max Jackson (peer tutor; he/him)
Jon Kinisky (he/him)
Iida Nyman (she/her)
Olivia Wilkerson (she/her)
Paralegal Studies: Mary Militano (she/her)
Psychology: Eoghan Gagne (they/them)
Lakota Levandowski (he/him)
Hailey VanNatten (she/her)
Science: Melissa Bryll (Biology, Chemistry, Env’t Sci) (she/her)

Hannah Daignault, she/her (A&P I & II; Biology; Chemistry; Nutrition)

Victor King (Chemistry & Material Science) (he/him)
Ram Madani (Chemistry) (he/him)
Sociology: Eoghan Gagne (they/them)
Myra Hannett (she/them)
Writing, Literature & Research: Steve Astman (also, Public Speaking) (he/him)
Maura Davis (specialty in ELL) (she/her)
Myra Hannett (she/them)
Sandi Kurbiel (she/her)
Lakota Levandowski (he/him)