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Spring 2021 Community Education Archaeology Courses

All courses will be held online.

View a PDF of the Spring 2021 Course Book.


Archaeological Research

January 1 – May 21 
By Appointment
CRN# 10449
CFP 100-51  
Fee: $35
Instructor: Louise Basa

For Community Archaeology Program certificate students only. Students must speak with an instructor before registering.
This course is mandatory for students fulfilling the 60 experience hours required for the SUNY Schenectady Community Archaeology Program (CAP) certificate. Additionally, this course is required for all students engaged in archaeological research and laboratory under a SUNY Schenectady CAP instructor’s supervision. Register for Archaeological Research.


Independent Archaeology Project

January 1 – May 21 
By Appointment
CRN# 10450
CFP 101-51 
Fee: $125
Instructor: Louise Basa

For Community Archaeology Program certificate students only. Students must speak with an instructor before registering.
This course is necessary for all Community Archaeology Program (CAP) certificate students wishing to work on their approved archaeological products (e.g., articles for publication, exhibits, public presentations or site studies and reports) and is required for their Certificates of Advanced Study in Community Archaeology (CASCA). Register for an Independent Archaeology Project.


Historical Archaeology

Tuesdays, January 26 – April 6
6-9 p.m.
No class: March 16
CRN# 10642
CFP 106-51  
Fee: $165
Instructor: Diana Carter

This course is designed to introduce students to the field of historical archaeology and to explore methods employed for the study of people of the past. Students will investigate local and regional lifeways of peoples who resided in the Northeast from the 17th century to the recent past. Materials fee: two textbooks totaling $50 are required. Register for Historical Archaeology.


Researching and Interpreting Documents in Archaeology

Wednesdays, January 27 – April 7
6-9 p.m.
No class: March 17
CRN# 10451
CFP 108-51  
Fee: $165
Instructor: Louise Basa

This course examines primary and secondary documents used in archaeology. Sources, methods, locations, and interpretation of a variety of documents used for research, proposals, and publications are addressed. Online visits to repositories, discussions, lectures, and hands-on activities are among the methods employed. Register for Researching and Interpreting Documents in Archaeology.


Peopling the Past: Investigating Identities in Archaeology

Mondays, February 1 – March 8
6-8:30 p.m.
CRN# 11328
CFP 132-51   
Fee: $100
Instructor: Jessica Nelson, Ph.D.

We all have objects that are important to us; ones that tell our story, represent our values, or hold special meaning for us. The same holds true for objects that people used in the past. This course is about answering the question: “Who were they?” Students will explore some of the many ways we investigate the cultural and social identities of people of the past through the material objects that we find in the archaeological record. Some of the topics covered will include gendered, racial, ethnic, national and class-based identities that can be explored through archaeological materials from historical North America. By uncovering these various identities, we can better understand the people of the past. Register for the Peopling the Past course.


Discovering Schenectady's GE Realty Plot

Mondays, March 22 – April 26
6-8:30 p.m.
CFP 137-51   
Fee: $100
Instructor: Chris Leonard

Established in 1900, the General Electric Realty Plot is a unique neighborhood in terms of its location within the city, its distinctive homes and the world changing historic events that have happened within its borders. Students will explore these dynamic events and the singular cast of characters who have called “The Plot” their home, including GE inventors and executives, Schenectady business and political leaders, educators, entertainers and other distinctive individuals. Particular attention will be paid to the avant-garde (for its time) architecture throughout the neighborhood, as well as the formation of the Plot and the ongoing efforts to protect these stately homes, and the archaeology of one of them. Students will be given a virtual tour of the neighborhood. Register for the Discovering Schenectady's GE Realty Plot course.


Archaeological Field Work Program

Tuesdays, April 20 – June 29
6-9 p.m.
No class: May 25
CRN# 11318
CFP 109-51 
Fee: $165
Instructor: Adam Luscier

This course gives students an opportunity to learn and/or enhance specific archaeological fieldwork skills. It is designed to train students in applying the basic principles of surveying a site area by using a transit and other techniques for surface mapping. Students will also receive formal training in excavating and recording archaeological data. Spring sessions will be online. Summer field sessions (beginning June 1) will take place at archaeological sites in the area. Pre-requisite: CFP 106 Historical Archaeology or CFP 102 Native American Archaeology. Register for Archaeological Field Work.


Gravestone Cleaning

Saturday, May 8
10 a.m.-2:30 p.m.
CRN# 11319
CFP 123-01 
Fee: $35
Instructor: Melody Howarth

This course will be taught at Vale Cemetery, located at 907 State St., Nott Terrace, Schenectady, N.Y., 12307

Would you like to learn how to clean cemetery stones? Do you have a family plot with a stone that needs cleaning? Are you having a difficult time reading the worn lettering on a stone? Melody Howarth will show you cleaning and reading methods that work. Join her at Vale Cemetery for this informative workshop. Students will be contacted prior to the class with introductory information and meeting instructions. Students are asked to bring gloves, bottled water, and a bagged lunch. All students must wear masks, practice social distancing and adhere to all COVID-19 protocols during this course. Materials fee: $10 to be paid to the instructor. Register for the Gravestone Cleaning course.