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Personal Enrichment

Spring 2021 Community Education Personal Enrichment Courses

All courses will be held online.

View a PDF of the Spring 2021 Course Book.


Intro to Acrylic Painting

Wednesdays, January 27 – March 3
7-8:30 p.m.
CRN# 10744
CFP 150-51 
Fee: $100
Instructor: Art Innovators

Never painted before but want to try? Enjoy painting and want to learn a few new techniques? This class is designed for artists of all ability levels. Students will learn about acrylic painting, painting techniques and have fun learning. Supply List: Students should have 6 canvases (size 11x14 or 12x16); acrylic paints (red, yellow, blue, black, and white – additional colors welcome; a paint palette or paper plates; size 4 and size 8 round brushes; and size 10, 12 or ¾ flat brush. Register for Intro to Acrylic Painting.


Beauty Makeup Techniques

Mondays, February 1 – February 22
6-7:30 p.m. 
CRN# 11323
CFP 736-51
Fee: $90
Instructor: Jenn Dugan

Take time for yourself, gain confidence, and explore the essential beauty techniques that work for your face. This course is tailored to provide you with the skills to transform yourself. Topics include smoky eyes, contouring, camouflaging, and skin care. The instructor, a NYS Licensed Esthetician and Professional Makeup Artist, will teach students to properly use their own makeup. Register for Beauty Makeup Techniques.


Intro to Modern Dance

Wednesdays, February 17 – April 21
7-8 p.m.
CRN# 10760 
CFP 742-51 
Fee: $100
Instructor: Beth Jacobs

Weekly class will move from stretching thru a blended style incorporating elements of: classical ballet, classical modern dance (Horton, Lemon, Graham…) with a healthy dose of post-modern dance (generally a mix of theater and dance) and jazz; think earth bound ballet with some leaps and some moves lying on the ground. Please wear stretchy clothing, have long hair pulled up in a pony tail and be prepared to dance in socks or bare foot. Register for Intro to Modern Dance.


Small Fruit Culture for the Home Garden

Thursday, February 25
7-8:30 p.m.
CRN# 11096
CFP 746-51 
Fee: $35 
Instructor: J. Stephen Casscles

This class is for those who wish to grow small fruits either in their backyard or on their small fruit farms. Growing small fruits be they blueberries, brambles, strawberries, or currants in your backyard can be rewarding and productive. This class will give an overview on how to successfully grow these attractive fruits in your home landscape for ornamental purposes and for fruit production. Special attention will be devoted to fruit cultivars that grow well in the Capital District. Register for Small Fruit Culture for the Home Garden.


Watercolor Painting

Tuesdays, March 9 – April 13
7-8:30 p.m.
CRN# 11320
CFP 155-51
Fee: $100
Instructor: Art Innovators

During this class designed for artists of all ability levels, students will learn watercolor basics or expand on what they already know. Students will explore watercolor painting and techniques while creating beautiful landscapes, still life paintings and more. Supply List: Students should have watercolor paper (cold press, size 11x15, 140 lb.), a paint palette, watercolor paint tube set of 6-12 colors, and assorted brushes. Register for Watercolor Painting.


How to Establish a Vineyard or Backyard Orchard

Thursday, March 11
7-8:30 p.m.
CRN# 11097
CFP 744-51
Fee: $35 
Instructor: J. Stephen Casscles

This introductory class will instruct students on how to establish and maintain a backyard vineyard or orchard in the Capital District. Topics covered include: identifying suitable fruit land or modifying your current backyard to grow fruit; how to plant and layout a backyard vineyard or orchard; selecting suitable grape or orchard fruit varieties; trellising and training options; how to prune vines and tree fruits; and how to maintain a vineyard or orchard to produce a bountiful crop of fruits for wine, juice or fresh consumption. Register for How to Establish a Vineyard or Backyard Orchard.


Getting Paid to Talk: Intro to Voice Overs

Monday, May 3
6:30-9 p.m.
CRN# 11356
CFP 725-51 
Fee: $30
Instructor: Voice Coaches 

From audio books, training material, animation, gaming, and commercials to socially relevant content, television, and more, today’s voice-over field has become a great way to leverage your individual interests, voice qualities, and communication skills in a whole new way. Learn about how the industry really works today, trends in opportunity in the community, and areas of future growth, and hear about the top traits casting professionals look for when hiring voice professionals. Students will also hear samples from working voice-over artists. Because this class is small, students will have the opportunity to record a sample professional voice-over under the direction of our instructor, who can offer feedback and advice. If you’ve ever wondered how to begin in voice-over part-time, full-time, or for supplemental or retirement income, this workshop is a great, upbeat, and realistic first step. Register for Getting Paid to Talk.