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Online Courses

Spring 2023 Online Community Education Courses

See a PDF of the Spring 2023 course book.

Join Mary Gagnon from Pet Estates, Inc. for these online courses. 

Pet Certificate 

February 28 – April 5
Online Course
CRN# 10345  
CFP 220-71
Fee: $400

This course will help students explore the field of animal-related careers through education and internships. The Pet Education certificate course teaches pet health and illness, communication, behavior management, safety, basic hygiene, writing a résumé, and more. The instructor will assist students in securing the necessary internships to complete the certificate. Students must successfully complete the online course, complete a pet First Aid/CPR course, and have 100 hours of internships at approved animal care facilities within six months of the final meeting in order to successfully complete this program. Register for Pet Certificate.

Pet CPR and First Aid 

March – April 13  
Online Course
CRN# 10343  
CFP 213-71
Fee: $85 

Learning to respond quickly and properly in the first few minutes in a pet emergency is critical and can save a pet’s life. Topics covered include: equipment and supplies for putting together a pet First Aid kit, assessing vital signs, understanding basic pet owner responsibilities, bleeding and shock management, restraint, muzzle elevation, direct pressure, pressure points, immobilization and shock management, transportation, rescue breathing, treating wounds, and administering medicine. Register for Pet CPR and First Aid.

Tools and Techniques for Professionals - How to Safely Enter a Home With a Pet 

March 14 – March 28
Online Course
CRN# 10342  
CFP 216-71
Fee: $205

This course is designed to give those in professional positions (police, firemen, pet sitters, nurses, etc.) the training and tools needed to help keep them safe when entering a home with pets. Topics include: canine aggression and reading body language, assessing dogs, and how to diffuse dangerous or potentially dangerous situations involving dogs. Students will also learn how to recognize aggression in animals and remain safe when entering their territory, as well as how to recognize a pet’s body language such as tail position, eye behavior, ear posture and mouth behavior, and vocal communication. Students will learn how to communicate with a pet accordingly. Register for Tools and Techniques for Professionals.

Pets: Basic of Grooming School

April 13 – May 18
Online Course
CRN# 10344  
CFP 219-71
Fee: $400 

In this introductory course, students will prepare for a career in the grooming business. Through both online lecture and hands-on training, students will prepare to work with animals as a pet groomer assistant and caregiver. Students will learn about the basic steps in the pet grooming process including nails, ear cleaning, anal glands, dental, and eye care. Students will also learn how to bathe, brush and dry dogs based on their coat type and individual needs. The fundamentals of cat grooming; including handling, restraining, bathing, brushing and drying will be covered. Topics also include products used to care for pets and treat health issues, the history of dog and cat grooming, and an overview of basic anatomy, health and disease in pets. Prerequisite: CFP 213 Pet CPR and First Aid. Students must complete at least 20 hours of internships at approved animal care facilities within six months of the final class in order to receive their certificate for this course. Register for Pets: Basic of Grooming School.

Starting a Pet Business 

November 5 – 19  
Online Course
CRN# 10341  
CFP 214-71
Fee: $85

The pet industry is booming and demand has increased for specialized pet services such as dog walking and training. But where does an aspiring entrepreneur wishing to start his/her own pet business begin? Learn how to avoid pitfalls in the beginning stages of business planning and learn how to do it right the first time. Topics include business planning, acquiring permits, how to make your own business unique in the industry, writing a press release, tips to increase revenue, marketing and designs that sell, and where to go for free assistance. This course includes a 30-minute personal phone consultation with Pet Estates Inc. owners Don or Mary Lynn Gagnon. Register for Starting a Pet Business.


SUNY Schenectady County Community College has partnered with Ed2go to offer a multitude of personal and professional development online courses in a variety of topics as well as Career Training online programs that will assist students in preparing professional level positions. Ed2Go offers high-quality online courses no matter where you are! Learn more about Ed2go.


SUNY Schenectady has partnered with MindEdge Learning to deliver effective and high-quality online Professional Development educational opportunities to our students. Whether you are looking to expand your skill set, earn professional credits (CEUs, PDUs, HRCI), or learn something new, our professional development courses and certificates pair perfectly with a busy schedule. Courses are self-paced and online, accessible from anywhere and available on mobile devices.

Categories Include: 

  • Agile
  • Communication
  • Computer Applications
  • Cyber Security & CISSP Management
  • Emergency Management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Finance
  • HR Management
  • Leadership
  • Management and Project
  • Non-profit Management
  • Six Sigma and Lean
  • Women in Business

To see a full listing of courses and to learn more, visit the MindEdge SUNY Schenectady catalog.